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rX queen

Hello all!

I joined a while back but wanted to wait until I had some sort of diagnosis before I posted. I have had fainting spells since about fifth grade; the first time it happened I was in a chorus concert and almost passed out. I later did passed out giving a report in 8th grade and simply fell and blacked out because I was scared to speak up. It has progressed to where I get anxious if I have to stand for periods of time because I know standing triggers it. I have had dizzy spells at work, at school and of course giving presentations are especially overwhelming for me. I am 22 and about to graduate college and I have a big speech coming up with terrifies me.

I originally thought I may have diabetes since it runs in the family and any time I had a fainting spell whoever was there with me always thought it was blood sugar related and always gave me a coke or cookies. Food never helped me recuperate and seemed unrelated to me. Since September I started seeing a doctor who diagnosed me as anemic and b12 deficient and had an echocardiogram and holter monitor test done. Upon getting the results of the holter monitor she referred me to a cardiologist and today I had a tilt table test done [finally!] and he has decided to prescribe me atenolol [in addition to lots of salty foods]. I hope this lessens the symptoms and I'd like to hear from anyone who has a similar situation or is on atenolol. I am primarily interested in any side effects the drug produces and also any contraindications with psychedelics and mild ilicit drugs [the internet provides little information on these things which is quite unfortunate].

Thanks and I'm glad this community exists for support!

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