zoe_me (zoe_me) wrote in fainters_unite,

bad blood pressure day

Nothing like a low bp day to make a person go look up the LJ support group.

I will skip my VVS history for another post.... but what tricks to people have to boost their blood pressure on days they feel sluggish? I have tried elevating my feet and taking a Sudafed decongestant. And drinking at least half a diet Red Bull. I am still feeling completely drained.
I can't think of any other tricks from my cardiologist. I am also wondering what could have set off this episode. I worked out last night... hot bath?

Mostly I am looking for sympathy and understanding on how some days you wake up and know "I probably shouldn't be driving today, and getting anything done is going to be a struggle".

-Zoe, whoes heart stops in 7 minutes on a tilt table test
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