Juliann (juliann) wrote in fainters_unite,

A few Q's

My POTS is getting a lot worse, and fatigue is crushing (moreso than when it was just fibro!). I don't get in to see Prof. Matthias in London until late September and my GP won't do anything because she doesn't know enough about the condition. Aside from the tips at POTSplace, are there any other websites with suggestions on how to cope when not on meds?

Also, when my grandmother died a few months ago she left a huge chunk of change in a trust fund with the stipulation that it can only be used for healthcare. I thought that it was just for her children, but the executors have informed us that some of it can be used for me. Now, I think that I'm already getting the best care available under Prof Matthias (delays aside), but assuming for the moment that money was not an issue, are there any other doctors or clinics I should look into? I am going to be in the US for 11 weeks this summer so would certainly consider anything in North America as well as UK/Europe. (While I have numerous other ailments, I know there is nothing much that can be done for most of the others, and fatigue is making my life impossible so anything that could help the POTS would be a priority right now.)

Thanks in advance for any assistance! :)
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