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Podcast rec: It Won't Kill You (chronic illness)

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I am posting this to help get the word out about a wonderful new podcast by my friend juliann. The podcast is called It Won't Kill You and it is - as far as I know - currently the only podcast around that focusses exclusively on issues of chronic diseases such as my double handful of them!

If you have any sort of condition that causes things such as:
- chronic illness
- invisible illness
- chronic pain
- fatigue
then this is something that you are very likely to be interested in.

Here's the blurb which Juliann helpfully sent me:

It Won't Kill You is a podcast about chronic health issues with particular emphasis on invisible illnesses, chronic pain and fatigue disorders. Virtually anything related to those topics is fair game, but the focus is on providing information to people with chronic health problems and their friends and family that may help them in managing their conditions and related difficulties. It is hosted by juliann who has lived with chronic health problems her entire life and chronic pain and fatigue for five years. It Won't Kill You is a vehicle for passing on information that she has learned in her years of research on these topics, with the aim of making it easier to find and use this information. Each show is approximately ten minutes long and new shows are added 1-3 times per week.

To listen please subscribe to the feed in your podcatcher of choice. feed://feeds.feedburner.com/ItWontKillYouPodcast or you may download the individual episodes manually at http://hypermobility.20six.co.uk

If that last paragraph made no sense to you, please read the FAQ about podcasting written by juliann.

[ End of blurb. ]

BTW, for anyone new to podcasts, you don't need a "pod", or anything fancy to use them - any computer that can play mp3 files will do fine. If you don't already have an mp3 playing software, I recommend iTunes for Windows or Ma... It will even download the episodes automatically for you!

If you have questions, just ask me - there are no stupid questions!

[[ Please excuse odd mistakes or brevity, typed via on-screen keyboard ]]

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